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I maintain a close connection with the ornithology community by taking classes and contributing to various ornithological programs.


Spring Field Ornithology 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Students attend weekly talks on bird identification and conservation and engage in weekly bird walks throughout upstate New York. For this course I won a working scholarship where my tuition fees were partly covered in exchange for some work during the course. 


Comprehensive Bird Biology 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

An online course run through the Cornell Lab fo Ornithology. Students learn about the anatomy, behaviour, ecology, and conservation of birds. I am in the process of completing this course. More information can be found here


Techniques of Avian Specimen Preparation 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department Course members learn to prepare bird skins for research purposes. I also participated in a reading group made up of select members of the class which investigated the ethics of bird collection. 


Maine Seabird Biology and Conservation 


Participants engaged in conservation volunteer work on Hog Island off the coast of Maine. The course was and involved activities such as cleaning up beaches to maintain bird habitat, and creating decoys for repopulation efforts. More information is available here.


Arts and Birding 


Participants attended classes focused on the artistic recording and documenting of birds while in the field. Takes place on Hog Island off the coast of Maine. I was awarded a $500 scholarship from Audubon for this class. More information is available here.


International Congress for Puffin Conservation and Research in Changing Marine Ecosystems

I am an invited member of the International Congress for Puffin Conservation and Research in Changing Marine Ecosystems (for short, the International Puffin Congress or IPC). This is a new collaborative group which links world experts on the biology and ecology of puffins (and other seabird species, forage fish, and marine ecosystems; see current list below) to pull together a global perspective on what is happening to puffins, and by extension, the ecosystems in which they live. 


The Arts

I also have a keen interest in the arts. I hold an art foundation qualification from the Manchester Metropolitan University and I have completed several additional courses in fine art (for example portraiture and watercolour techniques). I also apply my artistic interest to my love of birding and have produced scientific illustrations for Audubon to be used in the following online courses: ‘Raptor Rapture,’ 'Project Puffin Online,' 'Puffin Islands,' and 'Spring Ornithology.' Selection of these illustrations are presented on this page. I have a small quilting company by the name of ‘Beneath the Brambles’ through which I create and sell quilting patterns which aim to bring awareness to the world of birds and wildlife that can be found in the simple back yard. In this vein I have also taught quilting and needlework classes at my local quilt store. 

The Arts
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