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I'm an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at California State University Bakersfield


I have primary research interests in Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Social Epistemology, and the Philosophy of Education and Pedagogy. I present the notion of inference webs, which are structured collections of claims and principles in which inferential relationships (including association and common use) dictate the covert meaning of the individual parts of the structure. While inference webs are not necessarily problematic (indeed, they are essential to our epistemic practices), they can be both epistemically damaging and harmful. I am particularly interested cases where: inference webs are especially invisible or hard to track; inference webs seriously inhibit research programs due to the fact that they are under-discussed and; inference webs perpetuate serious social and epistemological harms.

Please use the menu to access information about my research and teaching, to view my CV, or to learn more about my other interests. Alternatively, you can email me at

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